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The earliest signs of aging already appear as early as our 20's.  Skin cell renewal slows significantly as we mature.  At 20 years, the skin cell renewal process takes 20 days, at 30 years it takes 30 days, at 50 years it is a 9 week renewal process.  Futurcosmetic has developed an array of Anti-Aging Specialty Products that offer extraordinary results for your specific aging concerns.  Once you self identify your needs according to your skin type, age and desired result, choose from the amazing products.

Rilax – Use this for early signs of aging, erase those fine lines and wrinkles and actually prevent lines from forming!  The Rilax line topically relaxes the skin and virtually erases signs of fatigue, stress, pollution, and tension.  This botanically duplicates the effct of B...x without any toxin!

Or Femme - Velvet anti-aging serum and cream, DHEA precursor, specifically designed for mature women providing hormonal balance to rejuvenate the skin. DHEA is produced naturally in the body and is referred to as the youth hormone. The Or Femme products botanically replicate the pharmacology of DHEA. The skin recognizes it and absorbs it to revitalize the skin and return its youthful glow! We call it our Fountain of Youth.

LIFT INTENSE – Facelift in a jar! Levels of elastin in our bodies decline with age. Futurcosmetic anti-aging lifting products lift, firm, and hydrate. Combined with exfoliating regimes, these naturally active botanicals kick start the body’s own ability to produce elastin and collagen, naturally restoring itself and speeds up the renewal cycle.

STOP TIME – This new to market gourmet Stop-Time Anti-Aging line, with its magical textures contains Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin, and Collagen in one product, the most remarkable smoothing anti-wrinkle, plumping and firming products.

Best Kept French Secret

Optimize the products above by remembering the best kept French secret any of these amazing Anti-Aging solutions, the best kept French secret to EXFOLIATE and to apply a MASK twice a week, make it standard practice!  It is very important to exfoliate in order to remove the upper layers of dead skin cells, so the active botanical ingredients will penetrate the dermis, speed up the cell renewal process, and show immediate improvements in your skin.  Always use in conjunction with the appropriate skincare regime for your skin type!

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