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woman-40.pngFabulous 40's and Beyond

When we reach our forties, most of us will see changes in our skin, the early signs of aging, little fine lines and wrinkles, a little less elasticity, skin can seem duller than it did in our youth.

This is the normal aging process - skin cell renewal slows significantly as we mature. At 20 years, the skin cell renewal process takes 20 days, at 30 years, it takes 30 days, at 50 years it is a 9 week renewal process. We have natural daily regimes to combat this process, keep your skin healthy and retain your youthful radiant glow.

Daily Solutions - We offer two daily base regimes for your skin type;

1-    Dry to normal regime - to nourish, plump and hydrate

2-    Combination to oily regime to keep the shine in check during the day, and exfoliate at night. 

French Facts For You

Exfoliate & Mask s'il vous plait! One of the best kept French secrets to youthful glowing skin is to exfoliate and to mask 2 x week! It removes dead skin cells, speeds up the cell renewal process, and shows immediate results!

Hormones Beware! - Hormonal changes also have an impact on our skin. Our Or Femme “fountain of youth” line, DHEA precursor with 43% active botanical ingredients is made specifically to address hormonal skin balance for mature women, and beautifully rejuvenates the skin.

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