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The Science

Most skincare products have concentrations of active ingredients in the range of 3%. Futurcosmetic has created an amazing line of products with concentrations up to 43.5% active ingredients! for women and men who demand the best. Our clients get immediate visible and lasting results from the very first application of products!! Enter into the avant-garde world of Futurcosmetic and you will be pleasantly surprised by the significant results. Most importantly your skin will feel great and so will you!


 Natural extract of Sugar Cane

sugarcane-80x80.pngGlycolic acid is part of the ALPHA HYDROXY ACID family, commonly known as AHA. It contains the smallest molecule with the greatest skin penetrating potential. It is extracted from sugar cane and obtained through a biotechnical process which gives it an optimum quality and great purity. For over 20 years numerous doctors have studied the beneficial effects glycolic acid has on the skin and several studies have proven its effectiveness.

Glycolic acid regulates the exfoliating process of the skin. Glycolic acid has the exceptional capacity to penetrate skin layers, cutting through ionic bridges that cause hyper-keratinisation. It relaxes the intercellular cement and thus guaranties a sensible reduction of the stratum corneum. It eliminates the dead cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface. Products: Lumi Scrub, Lumiradiance 10%, Lumiradiance 15%, Lumi Soft, Lumi Scrub.


Natural extract of Yam and Soya

soybean-144.pngHormones are secreted and synthesized by endocrine glands. They are true molecular messengers that stimulate different parts of our bodies depending on their action. Female hormones produce estrogen and progesterone. When approaching menopause, the activity of these hormones is reduced until it almost stops. The consequences of aging are increased by these hormonal slowdown. DHEA, also known as the mother of all hormones peaks when we are about 21 years old and decreases rapidly. By the time we are 40, it is only 40% effective. DHEA enhances the quality of life, postpones the effects of aging, increases energy, betters sleep patterns, and provides a better response to stress. This is why FUTURCOSMETIC has chosen to develop two highly concentrated skincare products using the dual effect of Yam-Soya in order to fight the effects of aging caused by skin's hormonal deficit. 

Products: Or Femme Fountain of Youth, Anti-Aging


 Natural extract of St. John's Wort and Olibanum

wort-144.pngThe skin and the brain are born out of the same embryonic origin and have a direct and close relationship throughout life due to a complex system of connectivity. When we experience stress, our skin reacts and can develop cutaneous reactions such as eczema, nettle rash, etc... When we apply anti-stress cream on the skin, cutaneous sensors send a positive message to the brain. The brain then produces endorphins, well-being hormones. Once liberated, these hormones also send a positive message to the skin creating a chain reaction. Once this 'brain-skin' message is in place, the cells of the epidermis are stimulated and eliminate cutaneous stress and muscular tension more effectively. Stress is everywhere and our facial muscles suffer from daily contractions which help to create what's known as 'expression wrinkles.' FUTURCOSMETIC has chosen to use two sets of natural botanical extracts that combine the smoothing and soothing properties of Boswellia with the cutaneous anti-stress properties of Millepertuis.

Products: Rilax Line, Anti-Aging


 Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin and Collegen

water144x144.png3 concentrated natural ingredients and no parabens!

Hyaluronic acid, the most powerful moisturizer known to date forms a protective film that helps regulate skin hydration, increase softness and skin elasticity. Elastin, a natural substance found in tuna has an anti-wrinkle effect by strengthening the skin. It also provides amino acids and helps slow skin aging. Collegen is naturally extracted from fish skin and aids in retaining moisture and plumps as well as moisturizes the skin.

Products: Stop Time, Anti-Aging

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