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Masques are one of the Best Kept French Skincare Secrets. Do you use a face masque 2 x week? Non? Pourquoi pas?

It's time to unmask the masque. It's not as mysterious or time consuming as you might think. In 5-20 minutes maximum, you can purify, brighten, tighten, exfoliate, plump, and or hydrate! Starting with the harder ones (cough cough - so easy). I prefer to use these masques in place of a night cream - yes you can sleep in them! - with the exception of the exfoliating and cleansing masques.

PJ Grace's easy to use tips:

1. Gommage Revel Eclat - gentle exfoliating masque; apply, let dry, gently rub off for date night bright glowing skin (5 min or less) especially for sensitive skin.

2. Lumimat Masque - purifying for combination to oily skin, apply and leave on for 20 min, then rinse off, pat skin dry for smooth deeply cleansed skin.

3. Masque Rilax - award winning gel masque, cooling, tautening, anti-wrinkle (apply for 20 min and rinse off, OR as I prefer, apply as your PM treatment and sleep in it!)

4. Masque Essential - pure hydration bath for skin as soft as a peach, can be used in place of night cream.

5. Masque Secret Lift - hydrating, plumping, firming, my personal go to alternative to night cream.

6. Masque Sensitive - our newest Futurcosmetic Masque, for sensitive and rosacea prone skin, also an alternative to night cream 2 x week.



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