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Rilax Line - Anti-Wrinkle For Early Signs of Aging 


The Rilax Package is formulated for early signs of aging and is ideal for erasing fine lines and wrinkles and actually prevents lines from forming! 

The Rilax package includes four products:  Eyes Rilax, Serum Rilax, Creme Rilax and Masque Rilax.  You save 20% by purchasing the package.

Eyes Rilax Bright Eyes Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkle, hydrating eye cream, topically relaxes and erases wrinkles.

Serum Rilax The Yoga of Face Serums

Anti-wrinkle, Anti-stress, Anti-fatigue, Anti-pollution serum. A calming serum that relaxes skin tensions, erases wrinkles, signs of aging, and rosacea.

Crème Rilax The Anti Everything Cream

Anti-wrinkle, Anti-stress, Anti-pollution cream. Battles early signs of aging and erases wrinkles and skin tension. 

Masque Rilax Relaxing Gel Mask

Anti-wrinkle, anti-stress, relaxing gel mask, soothes and smoothes wrinkles away

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