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Fountain of Youth 


This youth-boosting package is ideal for peri and post menopausal women. Our Fountain of Youth products help to hormonally balance and rejuvenate the skin. The package includes two of our most popular DHEA precursor anti-aging products:  Or Femme Serum, Or Femme Cream 43.  You save 20% by purchasing the package. 

Or Femme Serum Velvety Anti-Aging Serum

When approaching total maturity, the skin’s youth hormonal action becomes progressively less active. Or Femme Serum is especially formulated to remedy this. This unique formula replicates the natural feminine hormones’ action on the skin and enables the skin to gain a new found “fresh youthfulness”.

Or Femme Cream 43 Velvety Anti-Aging Cream

Exceptional anti-aging cream, which, due to its extraordinary concentration, has 43% active ingredients. Genuine complete care, Or Femme Creme 43 contains Diosgenine, plant hormone extracted from Soybean Oil and Wild Yam Extract, DHEA precursor. The deep skin regeneration is a consequence of Ginkgo Biloba Extract and provitamin A (RETINOL) contained in beta Carotene. Finally, Apricot Kernel Oil and Silk amino acid give the skin a renewed smoothness and softness.

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