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Sun Lotions

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Sun Kissed

Who loves the sun more than the French?  Who better to design a luscious velvety golden accelerating tanner with UV filters, which can also be used as an evening body oil?  For those who seek optimum tanning results, exfoliate your body before tanning.  And of course, always use appropriate precautions in the sun, according to your skin type.  For optimum hydration and to retain your tan, treat your skin to a healing aloe hydrating lotion after tanning - Hydra Magic.

Let's Get Started

Try these three products:

1- Lumi Scrub - great face and body exfoliant to prepare the skin for tanning*

2- Huile Or - accelerate your tanning time in velvety gold

3- Hydra Magic - wonderful Aloe after tan lotion

4- BB Creme - enhances your complexion and reduces imperfections

(*always use appropriate protection when exposed to the sun, exfoliate 1-2 days before tanning)