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 Bring the Spring back in your Skin. Follow these 4 steps:

Step 1:
Use my favorite exfoliating Futurcosmetic product, Gommage Revel l'Eclat, great for all skin types including sensitive skin. We like to call this award winning exfoliating masque: Date Night Bright! A 5 minute or less! treatment, removes dead skin cells, nourishes the skin, leaves it with a velvety smooth finish and literally brightens and lightens the skin!

Recommended use:  Apply to clean dry face, neck and decollete. Wait 2-3 minutes until it starts to dry, then simply rub off gently.  Gommer means to rub or erase in French. l'Eclat means Brilliance in French.

Step 2:
Apply my go to serum:  Concentre Secret Lift. This gem of a serum Lifts, Plumps and Hydrates with natural sources of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.
Step 3:
Designed to use together. apply Veloute Secret Lift Cream over the serum for optimum Lifting, Plumping and Hydration.
Step 4:
Remember our delicate eye areas require products especially designed for them. Our EYES WOKE product is Certitude Regard. Cooling eye gel that literally opens your eyes, hydrating, tautening, soothing, formulated to address puffiness and dark circles.

Gommage Revel l'Eclat

Date Night Bright

Super effective exfoliating mask that immediately brightens skin.

This spectacular exfoliating mask helps reveal a brightened complexion in less than 5 minutes, thanks to the double exfoliating action of Kaolin and natural Witch Hazel extract. The Lemon and Thyme oil formula help to deeply cleanse the skin. The results:  your skin will be uniformly smooth and radiant. 


Sale Price: $57.00 (save $19.00)



Concentre Secret Lift 

Stop Time Boost Serum

This effective lifting anti-wrinkle day serum is paraben free. Enriched by the powerful active cocktail of ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid - Elastin - Collagen;  it is designed to increase smoothness, tone, elasticity and suppleness of the skin for maximum wrinkle erasure. From the first application, your skin is awakened as it absorbs all the goodness of the serum's active ingredients, leaving your skin beautifully radiant. 

Sale Price: $73.50 (save $24.50)



Veloute Secret Lift 

Stop Time Cream

This gourmet stop time anti-aging cream, with it magical texture, melts in seconds into your skin for the most smoothing anti-wrinkle effect. Its unique formula protects the skin's optimum tone, restores a smooth finish to the skin, provides volume and plumpness, and remarkably erases wrinkles. Veloute Secret Lift visibly rejuvenates the skin;  leaving your skin with a velvety finish everyday. 

Sale Price: $72.00 (save $24.00)



Certitude Regard 

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel

Anti-wrinkle Anti-puffiness eye gel, uniquely addresses puffiness and circles.

This firming and hydrating day and night fresh cooling gel for eyes is non-greasy and especially conceived to tauten and lift; it awakens the whole eye contour. This explosive cocktail of 8 active ingredients combines the strong firming ingredient Kigelia Africana extract, Elastin, Collagen and Ulva Lactuca extract formulated to actively eliminate fine lines. Sweet Clover extract, a specific eye lid soother, and Grape Seed extract reduce the appearance of circles and puffiness.


Sale Price: $59.25 (save $19.75)


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