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Lumi Scrub

Deep face and body scrub, formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid made from Sugar Cane.

Anti-aging face and body scrub, contains 10% Glycolic Acid* from a base of sugar cane, for all skin types. Thanks to its active natural exfoliating action, Lumi Scrub eliminates dead skin cells smoothly, stimulates cell regeneration, and prevents in-grown hair. Lumi Scrub moisturizes, firms, and prepares the skin before tanning.


Sale Price: $43.50 (save $14.50)




Masque Rilax

Relaxing Gel Mask

Anti-wrinkle, anti-stress, relaxing gel mask, soothes and smoothes wrinkles away.

This zen anti-wrinkle and relaxing cool gel mask is enhanced with naturally active plant extracts. Especially formulated to soothe skin tension, relax facial features and erase fine lines while keeping the skin thoroughly moisturized.


Sale Price: $58.50 (save $19.50)



Lumimat Serum

Cool and Matte All Day Serum

Absolute purifying matte finish serum for combination to oily skin. This powerful serum formulated with 60% concentration of active botanicals will purify the skin, tighten pores, and refine skin tone!  Use Lumimat Serum as a daily treatment to leave skin clear, matte, and radiant. Iris extract, Zinc, and Vitamin A mixture make a perfect serum for clear matte skin all day long.

Sale Price: $51.00 (save $17.00)



Certitude Regard

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel

Anti-wrinkle Anti-puffiness eye gel, uniquely addresses puffiness and circles.

This firming and hydrating day and night fresh cooling gel for eyes is non-greasy and especially conceived to tauten and lift; it awakens the whole eye contour. This explosive cocktail of 8 active ingredients combines the strong firming ingredient Kigelia Africana extract, Elastin, Collagen and Ulva Lactuca extract formulated to actively eliminate fine lines. Sweet Clover extract, a specific eye lid soother, and Grape Seed extract reduce the appearance of circles and puffiness.

Sale Price: $57.00 (save $19.00)


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