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Skincare Story

alacarte-final.pngWe give you a little or a lot!

Any of our 43 skincare products are available individually or in the skincare packages. Feel free to add to the packages with an individual eye gel, mask, exfoliant, cleanser, body, sun, or travel size product. All the products are compatible and can be used together, with the exception of the glycolic acid products. Try the Serum Rilax for anti-wrinkle, anti-irritation under the Indispensable Cream for a little extra hydration – works wonders on rosacea as well. Products typically last up to 4 months due to their high concentration of active ingredients – you don’t need to use a lot of product.

Must know information about the glycolic acid products: lumi scrub, lumiradiance 10%, lumiradiance 15% should not be used simultaneously; they can be used separately, on separate days. The combination of glycolic acid strength could aggravate the skin. People with sensitive skin should test a small area on the hand before using the glycolic acid products. Do not use the glycolic acid products with: eczema, psoriasis, herpes, radiation or chemo treatment, accutane or other acne medication, retin A.

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